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Welcome to German Energy Optimizer.

Save your energy at the lowest cost!

Our speciality is to increase energy efficiency and quality!

The German energy optimizer was founded in 2013 in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.  Mainly, our work continues in 3 areas:

1) Energy efficiency and efficient use of energy.
2) Analysis of energy consumption in small, medium and large factories and production centers and implementation of energy saving solutions. 
3)  Improving energy quality, especially by reducing reactive power and eliminating destructive harmonic effects in the network

Innovation and new technologies in the field of alternative energies:

Calculation and implementation of water turbine projects in the power range of 50 kW to 2000 kW and beyond.

Calculation and implementation of wind turbines from 1 to 150 kW.

Calculation and implementation of solar panels with the latest meth


Cutting-edge technology

Keeping up with the latest industry developments to better serve you

Every year brings new trends and developments to the utility conservation industry. BEST ensures that your strategy includes the most cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to create the greatest amount of value in your portfolio. Keep reading to learn more.

LED lighting, Smart HVAC controls / sensors, nuclear-magnetic nanotechnology, Solar PV and glass, Energy procurement, cutting edge window systems, insulation without replacement

Highly efficient fixtures, Smart irrigation systems, Flow / pressure management, Advanced metering and monitoring

Predict and prevent maintenance issues, HVAC short-cycling, small and catastrophic water leaks, lights being onwhen they do not need to be, and identification of overpayments through T12 analysis.